Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hi Valentine's Day! SALE!!!

Remember this hat?  I cranked out dozens of them last year for the Valentine holiday.  They drove me a little bonkers at the time, but they turned out oh so cute.  Well, I sold this particular color combination to a dedicated etsy patron and received a request for matching mittens!  What else could I do but get to work?
Yarn: Cascade 220 in Ruby
I adjusted this pattern slightly by knitting it in the round, instead of knitting it flat.  I detest seaming my knits unnecessarily.  Otherwise, this pattern is exactly what it says it is, EASY.  All I had to change was to knit those little white hearts into them, and voila, matching mittens.  She was ecstatic when I sent them her way.  I love commissioned work!  REALLY love it.

So I've been working my tail off getting my etsy shop ready for Valentine's Day.  I would love it if you'd stop by and have a look.  Best order soon or it might not get to you in time!   I'm even offering a sale on all orders placed before February 14th!  Just enter the coupon code: sweethearts when prompted at check-out.  You'll receive an extra 10% off your purchase, so get while the gettin's good!
Here's an example of what you might find, you little lovers:

I also offer prints of these images, just send me a request on my etsy page.  You can also shop for other prints and originals.  Hey, go hog wild! 

Meanwhile, back to work for me.  Have a great weekend, lovelies.


  1. The matching mitts are adorable! I love the texture of the cards and the prints on them.

  2. That hat and mittens are adorable!

    Your shop looks great, keep up the good work! xoxo

  3. Beautiful work!
    The hat and mitts are so cute.


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