Monday, February 28, 2011

Seaman's Cap and Then Some

I seem to be a hat knitting maniac these days.  It appears to be the only thing I can conquer in the small window of time I've allotted myself for crafting lately.  Quickly made and satisfyingly worn, especially considering the turbulent winter weather we're having.

Enter the Seaman's Cap:
I apologize for supplying you with a photo that poorly represents the awesomeness of this cap.  Said hat is no longer in my possession, and this is all I could eek out immediately upon completing of it.   This was another item gifted to my boyfriend, but this time for Valentine's Day.  He is, above all else, a lover of hats.  It might be the first thing he puts on in the morning, which I find undeniably amiable.  We have had certain moments of squabble over his unfortunate purchasing of $3 gas station beanies, something that I have to let go of and just try to appreciate his ability to recognize a bargain.
Seaman's Cap by Needle Beetle
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in Navy 
I loved this pattern, it really couldn't be easier.  It requires a good amount of yarn, however, because of the length of the brim, which folds over for added ear warmth.  The other great thing about the extended ribbing is that you can unfold it and wear the hat floppy some days instead of sailor-esque, if you're into that look.  It's like two hats rolled into one!  I plan to knit this again, it's a great stash buster.

Hey, remember that Loch Lomond poster I showed you last week?  Well, the show was brilliant!  I picked up the screenprinted version and wanted to show all interested parties (being you).

I picked up a few, so if you have any interest, I'm giving one away with a print purchase of any size to my next blog reader/ etsy customer.  Just leave a note at check out that you read about the promotion in my blog.  Along with the poster, you will get a scout book sporting a similar image:
SCOUT BOOKS!  Handy little notebooks that fit in your pocket.  I have dozens of these, I fancy them tremendously.  Great for jotting notes down, grocery lists, knitting patterns, or doodling hearts and stars.  It's like a dream come true.

So come one, come all, and head on over to the Little Canoe's shop and grab one of my new prints, or an old favorite.  Here are a couple of items you might not have seen yet:

Kiwi Print--available in 5x7
  Animal Kingdom Print--available in 8.5x11
Whale and Ship Print--available in 5x7

Hot off the press! These new greeting cards are perfect for any coffee lovers.  Who doesn't cherish a good coffee date?  There's nothing quite like taking the time to sip on a hot cup of joe with a friend or partner.  I know it's one of my favorite activities on a cold winter's day.  

I hope Monday isn't causing everyone too much torture out there!
Here's my song of the day. xo


  1. It's a great hat pattern. Steve still wears his and it's 2-3 yrs old. I also made another for a friend. I love those scout books! You need to stock some in your etsy shop.

  2. Thank you! I would love to sell those scout books, but since they're free all over town, it would feel a little wrong :)

  3. Love the new coffee cards! Perhaps I shall be making a purchase soon . . .
    Also, Tallest Man has been a fave of mine for 3 years now and I love that you like him. My friend (a Swede) is his manager-type, so I get to see him whenever he's in NYC. He's quite nice, in addition to being very talented.

  4. totally one of my favourite knits!

  5. I love everything you do, but something about those scout notebooks is really really cool! I'm hopping over to your shop :)


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