Friday, April 22, 2011

Well, That Happened

I've been back from New York for approximately 2 weeks already.  I can't believe it!  Time is moving at light speed, and I can't seem to keep track of it.  I've been super busy since the moment I set foot on Oregon asphalt.  And as much as I want to report in depth on my travels to the Big Apple, I'm not sure I have it in me.  I have the energy level of a sloth right now, and the brain capacity to match.  I'm going to post some memorable pictures to titillate your eyeballs, but I won't be adding a lot of context (sorry).  So, here goes!

 The view from Ksenya's apartment, of the Williamsburg bridge.
 Breakfast at Diner with beautiful lads.
 Fried Chicken Sandwich with rhubarb compote and soft boiled eggs.
 The mill we stayed at in Poughkeepsie.
 Strawberry Foccacia made by Liz.
 Another view of the Mill with the water rushing past.
 Wine exploring.
 Breakfast at the Mill was always delicious.  Made by Ksenya and Nathan.
 Late night at Brooklyn Bowl.
 Soft and fluffy doughnuts at Dough, Brooklyn.  This was Lemon Poppy.
 Lunch date with Rebecca in the Financial District.  Incredible Crepes. 
 I saw this print at a cute little boutique in Bed-Stuy and fell in love with it.  So charming.
  Artwork by Katie Turner.
The end.

Immediately after I got back, I ventured out to Washington Square Mall out in Tigard for a super fun TOMS Shoes event called "Style Your Soul."

Sorry the images are so small, they were sent to me through email by Kelly, the woman who was running this great event.  Basically, we were given instructions to paint something somewhat specific on each pair.  It was fantastic, and I really enjoyed meeting other local artists.   The next one will be this summer, I'll let you  know the time and place as soon as it nears, just in case you're interested in some custom TOMS. 

While I was on vacation, I was happily featured on this talented artist's blog, Edison Rex!  
The  feature is called "artist crush" and you can find the semi-fascinating interview here.  While you're there, head on over to her shop and check out her wonderfully whimsical illustrations, you'll just love them, I swear.
Thank you so much, Maeg, for crushing on me :)

I completed this fun poster for my friends in Oh Darling right before heading for break and I thought I'd share it with you really quick:
I had so much fun with this poster.  They're such great clients (and friends) because they let me do whatever I want.  I love creative freedom.  They're releasing their new album next week, so don't forget to look for it on itunes!!

And the final thing I'd like to share with you today is the new card I recently added to my etsy shop, just in time for Mother's Day!

This one goes to all the Moms out there who always keep their cupboards stocked, just in case. Thanks, Moms!
I'll be back to report on some other new developments later.  Until then, I'll leave you with a song I've listened to every day for the last few weeks.  Sea of Bees, "Wizbot."  Enjoy, and have a super weekend!


  1. If I could turn back time... Lovely photos from our amazing adventure. And LOVE the mom's day card (clearly, just ordered one). x

  2. Such great news and wonderful things!
    I love the mill you stayed at - it looks beautiful.
    I also love the "Boyfriend Criteria" poster. That's fab.

  3. Brooke! Thanks so much for the shout out and thank you again for interviewing with me. I'm still crushing hard on your work, especially that new card!

    Loved all the pics of your trip, made me so curious for details!


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