Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adam's Wedding

I'm way behind on blog posting right now.  I have so much to talk about and not nearly enough time to talk about it!  So here goes.....
Just as I had expected, since I quit my job I've been baking up a storm.  It's been such a delight to make things on my own terms, just for the pleasure of it.  I'm feeling the love again, the lost passion.   And now I can't seem to make myself stop (why would I?).
The most exciting pastry project that came my way recently was baking 85 cupcakes for  my brother's outdoor wedding.  I was given the liberty to do as I please.  The only criteria was that they be half lemon, half chocolate, and most importantly, fun and colorful.  I think I held up my end of the bargain. Weeeee!

Here's what I came up with:


And finally this:

I'm no stranger to buttercream flowers, but it's been a great deal of time since these fingers last piped a petal.  But I eased right back into it and felt at home instantly.    It was so fun watching the whole thing come together, even if it was about 90 degrees in my kitchen at the time.  We were all sweating up a storm that day.
The bride and groom were very grateful for my efforts, and the wedding turned out beautifully.  Here are a few pictures from their big day:

As you can see, it was a laid back, gorgeous ceremony in the Oregon countryside.  The weather was perfect and the time spent with family was even better.  I'm so happy for my brother and his new wife, who brought me to tears with their heartfelt wedding vows.  I wish them a lifetime of companionship.

Since I was already in the kitchen (do I ever leave?), I decided to whip up another batch of jam.  I'm so in love with canning right now, I can't stay away!  I hope you guys like it too, because that's what everyone I know is getting for Christmas!
Here's the latest addition to my pantry:

I knew I had to make this spread the minute I laid eyes it.  Just another trusted recipe from the folks over at  Food In Jars.  The procedure was so simple, just 3 ingredients.  I knew I could knock this one out in minutes.  I happened to have some extra jars hanging around just begging to be used, so I rushed off to the grocery store to gather my bounty. 

Before I knew it, I had this vibrant mixture macerating for an hour before dumping it in the pot to simmer away.  The end result?  A sweet and flavorful concoction the color of Cabernet.  The star anise is subtle but deliberate, just coming through at the end.  It's my new favorite thing to spread on seeded toast in the morning, and something tells me it would be fantastic paired with a soft cheese.   I can't wait to give some away this winter.

I have one more addition to the shop this week:

A very fitting quote by Lao Tzu, illustrated by me.  You can find a print in my etsy shop or head over to Society6 if you're looking for a wider range in sizes.  I hope you like it!


  1. Buttercream flowers in August are impressive. You've triggered my canning bug. I made the rosemary rhubarb jam and it's delish! Thank you for the inspiration. And both your card and the quote are beautiful!

  2. Everything looks so beautiful! Wonderful wedding!


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