Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Weekend of Sales

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays!  I'm here to talk about all of my Christmas items now in my etsy shop.  Without further ado, here's the latest:

Don't forget about my calendars, they're selling fast! 

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, I'd like to share with you a list of over 80 Portland artisans that are participating in some really spectacular sales on etsy!   You can find a list of all shops on the Little Daisy Chains blog.  
I made a holiday themed treasury showcasing some of the wonderful sellers here, be sure to have a look!  Please remember to support small businesses this holiday season.

As for me, I will be offering 20% off everything in my shop starting Friday morning and ending at midnight on Monday!    And for an added extra, with every order purchased, I will throw in a coupon for 15% off after the holidays.  All you have to do is follow me on twitter or  like my facebook page!

Also, now on Society6, all t-shirts and hoodies are $4 off!  

I have plenty to choose from so have a look around my shop

On that note, I will leave you.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Eat yourself into a food coma, I know I will.  Please remember to shop local and buy handmade whenever you can.  Cheers!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Autumn in Oregon

I've been terribly busy as of late, which has made a lazy blogger out of me.  There's been such an avalanche of things going on in my world, all of which I would, ideally, love to share with you.  Unfortunately, it's just not possible.  So I'm going to try to focus as much as possible.   I really need to make a habit of doing shorter blog posts at a more frequent rate.  Let's see if that's even conceivable for me.

Portland is so perfect in the Fall.

I squeaked out some mandatory seasonal baking recently.  Naturally, I had to make pumpkin pie.  You have to squeeze as many pumpkin pies into your life as possible during the Fall, and then try squeezing into your slacks.  It's fun!
Pumpkin pie is such an important sign of the season.  The cinnamon, the freshly grated nutmeg, the sweetened condensed milk thickly integrating into your eggy pumpkin mixture.  It makes your house smell lovely and it's oh so pretty.

I made this beauty on Halloween.  It was the perfect accompaniment to our pumpkin carving party.  I used Martha Stewart's Pate Brisee crust.  Then I found this pumpkin pie recipe.  Normally I just follow the recipe on the back of the can, but I wanted to try something a little different.  The addition of the sour cream added a nice silkiness to the pie.  It was most certainly a winner.  I plan to make at least 2 more of these before the season is over.  It's pretty healthy, right?  Makes for a nice breakfast if you top it with sauteed apples and creme fraiche.  Mmmmm.

And then there was this:

This, my dears, is Pear and Dried-Cherry Crisp with Nutmeg Walnut Streusel.  Try saying THAT 10 times fast with a mouth stuffed full of crisp.  I made a few slight changes here.  I added candied ginger to the cherries while they were plumping over the stove.  I also used almonds instead of walnuts because I prefer their flavor.  This crisp came out really excellent.  Straight out of the oven with a glob of vanilla ice cream is like laying naked on a bear skin rug next to the fireplace.  It's comfy but sexy at the same time.  And it's warming and you don't ever want it to end, especially once the make out starts.   I ate the crisp exactly like this for a couple of days.  I'm a pig.  I practically licked the baking dish (and by practically, I mean, I totally did). 

Ahem.  Moving on.

I have a LOT of new stuff in the shop, but let me start with this:

It's a mug!  With birds on it!  I've already sold one of these.  They're each hand illustrated by me with a porcelain pen, and then set in the oven at a low temperature.  You can find it here!

These ones come in a pair, aren't they sweet?  If you like, you can purchase them here.  Perfect for morning tea with your honey (either edible or not).  I'll be illustrating more and more mugs and plates as time moves on, so keep your eyes out.

In other illustrative news, I was recently featured on Cool Hunting, a really incredible blog about pop culture, art and style.  I was incredibly honored to be interviewed.  You can read the story here!

Thanks to Cool Hunting, the orders have been rushing in! So I'm keeping quite busy.  I've almost sold out of my calendars, prompting me to order 30 more.  If you haven't seen them yet, check them out!  You might want to pick one up sooner than later.
That's it for the time being.  I'll be back to do a proper holiday post before you know it.

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