Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Giveaway Winner Chosen and New Work

It's finally here!   Time to announce the winner of my celebratory giveaway!  Chosen by random number generator.........drum roll please.....

....the winner is Chrissy Foreman C!  She'll be receiving this wonderful lot of Little Canoe goodies.  Congrats, Chrissy!

Thank you everyone for all your encouraging comments, it really means so much to me!  Now, onward and upward!

In preparation for the big trip down to San Francisco to participate in the Renegade Craft Fair in July, I've made a very special print.

You can find it both in my etsy shop and on Society6.

What a perfect way to dress up your laptop, don't you think?  I know there are a lot of Bay Area lovers out there.

I'm really pleased with how the stationary came out.  Such a terrific card to send to your loved ones who are missing their beautiful home in the bay of California.
I'm planning to have mugs and postcards made with this image as well.  Hopefully they will be available in my etsy shop soon, so keep your eyes out!

I've also come out with a new pickle design!  A print after my own heart, I tell ya.  I'm clearly obsessed with pickling and canning.  I've recently started a group that gets together and trades what they've made.  It's glorious!  We're called the Portland Preservation Society!  If you live in Portland and are interested in joining, just make a request on our facebook group page.  Here's my print inspired by this pickling passion.

My big plan with this print is to make beautifully screen printed tea towels.  That's why I've decided to leave it as a black and white design, instead of filling it in with watercolor.  I'll probably make another one at some point with more color detail.  You can find this print in my Society6 shop as well.  

This one looks pretty great on a t-shirt.  You can be the envy of all your friends at the Farmer's Market wearing this hip tee!  So go ahead, treat yourself!

To finish things off on a slightly hilarious note, here's a little sketch from the IFC show Portlandia:


  1. Wow! I love the new print. It's awesome.

  2. Seriously digging the shirts you have on Society6!


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